It goes without saying that the human brain is a wondrously complex instrument.

It is also fragile, notwithstanding the skull that envelops it and exists to protect it from external harms.

When we refer to the “trauma-induced physiological disruption of brain function” on the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) page of our personal injury website at the law firm of Scott J. Corwin in Los Angeles, our readers can immediately intuit the seriousness of that language.

And this is why: Any disruption of normal brain-related activity is notably concerning, given that our brain is the catalyst through which we perceive and respond to life.

In short, persons who suffer from brain trauma or injury are instantly compromised in life.

And that is a scary proposition.

It is also, sadly, a commonplace occurrence. As we note on the above-cited website page, one prominent federal government estimate posits that about 2.5 million people suffer annually from TBI incidents. Those injuries reportedly hospitalize hundreds of thousands of people.

And, tellingly, they result in fatalities for about 50,000 victims each year nationally.

It is not hard to see why many victims of TBIs that resulted from third-party negligence in motor vehicle accidents have a dire need for a meaningful damage recovery. Extensive and ongoing medical care is often required for crash victims. Many persons with head injuries can no longer work in the manner they were previously accustomed to.

Scott J. Corwin advocates passionately and aggressively on behalf of accident victims whose head injuries were caused by or materially contributed to by another party’s negligence. We invite readers’ scrutiny of our website and close examination of our work in this important realm of law.