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Catastrophic personal injuries: some observations, central points

There are two immediate observations that might readily come to mind for some people regarding just compensation — which primarily means money damages — for personal injuries suffered because of third-party negligence.

First, it is simply a truism that money alone can never fully compensate for an injury — often an enduring and debilitating condition — that is caused by another individual’s reckless or even wanton conduct. No reasonable person would ever dispute that.

Second, and notwithstanding that a monetary recovery by itself can never wholly right the wrong that is inflicted on an injury victim, many individuals and families hurt and traumatized by injury outcomes are greatly helped by legal remedies against negligence that help them rebuild.

And that rebuilding can occur across many dimensions of personal life. A meaningful money recovery for a catastrophic injury victim can help ensure that economic damages stemming from injury are fully addressed and that adequate resources are set aside for things like medical care, lost wages and continued therapy and rehabilitation.

And so-called “noneconomic” damages are also often compensable in a negligence-based personal injury claim. Those apply to things like pain and suffering, loss of consortium and additionally related factors.

The sources of a catastrophic injury can of course be many and varied, ranging from the adverse effects of a motor vehicle accident to the physical and emotional trauma brought on by a vicious animal’s bite. As we note on a relevant page of our personal injury website at the Los Angeles law firm of Scott J. Corwin, “Life-changing injuries can occur in hundreds of ways.”

Whatever the cause, we bring impassioned advocacy backed by decades of professional experience to bear on behalf of injury victims who turn to us for legal help. We take great pride in the role that we play in helping individuals and families dealing with catastrophic injuries recover and move forward with their lives.

We appreciate readers’ visits to our website and their scrutiny of our blog posts relating to this important area of law.