The sources of personal injury are obviously many and varied in California and across the United States, given the complex and fast-moving nature of our society.

Indeed, we note on a relevant page of our website at the Los Angeles personal injury law firm of Scott J. Corwin that “life-changing injuries can occur in hundreds of ways.”

A drunk driver can be the catalyst for a devastating outcome on a California roadway in a nanosecond. A negligent dog owner might let his “pet” — in truth, an aggressive and vicious animal — run amok in a neighborhood, with predictable consequences. People routinely suffer head trauma, spinal cord injuries, slips and falls owing to negligently maintained property and other injuries that, absent the reckless or wanton behavior of a third party, simply wouldn’t occur.

Oh, yes, and there now are hoverboards to think about.

If you follow the news, you likely know what those are. If you’ve got kids, you might have already pulled the purchase trigger and have one or more boards in the house somewhere.

It would of course behoove you to know exactly where those products are, given the many documented and harrowing tales that have recently surfaced regarding their sudden propensity to burst into flame. Reportedly, scores of the battery-operated “toys” have become engulfed in fire in frightening incidents across the United States.

And thus, unsurprisingly, the rapid ascent of hoverboards now seems to be marked by their equally rapid demise, with one American supplier after the other no longer selling or stocking the product.

If you have questions or concerns about the safety risks associated with hoverboards or an actual injury related to one, you can obtain candid counsel and, if necessary, strong legal representation from a proven personal injury attorney.