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The role of insurance companies in motor vehicle accidents

Motorists injured in accidents soon find themselves in the middle of a very stressful situation. The injuries from the crash and the damage to their vehicles have caused severe disruptions to their daily routine. Missing work is costly, and the medical care that they need can also be expensive. Knowing how to get compensation from those responsible for the accident can be very confusing.

Insurance companies often prey on accident victims in these situations. They know you need money, and they know that you are looking for a way to make ends meet. We wanted to take a few moments to answer some common questions that we often get about insurance companies so that you understand what their objectives are when dealing with accident cases.

This offer seems pretty reasonable. Should I accept it?

Absolutely not, and here is why. These insurance companies who made the offer to you have a whole team of people working on your claims. Their sole responsibility is to find a way to get you to settle. They know exactly what your case is worth, and they are going to make offers to you that are substantially less than these valuations.

No matter what you think your claims may be worth, it is likely that you will be entitled to an award that is much higher than those you receive from insurance companies. The only way to ensure that you get everything that you are entitled to is to work with an experienced attorney.

What about my insurance company? Are they on my side?

No. These companies have a bottom line that they are looking out for first and foremost. If your insurer will be responsible for paying a portion of your claim, they also want to settle these cases for as little money as possible.

Your insurer may reach out to you multiple times to check your progress throughout your case. Each time they contact you, they are trying to determine how your current condition may impact their future liability. They may make repeated attempts to get you to settle, but you need to understand that they are not working for you in this situation. You may have had a very long relationship with them, but you need to know that they are not your partner in this situation.

How can I protect myself at this time?

The only way that you can be completely sure that your interests are being protected is to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney. Your attorney will sit down with you and evaluate your claims and make sure that you understand the process. You may have never been through anything like this before, and it is important that you are comfortable with what is going to happen with your case.

Your lawyer can begin negotiating a settlement for you with the insurance companies in your case as soon as you decide to move things forward. All communications must then go through your attorney, which will prevent the insurers from trying to take advantage for you.