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Increase in pedestrians struck by LA motorists

The police in Los Angeles are reporting that the number of pedestrians being struck and experiencing severe injuries by motorists has increased more than a third throughout the past five years. It’s their belief that distracted driving, as well as pedestrians not being as aware as they should be, are the main culprits to these rising statistics. The increase in pedestrians struck by LA motorists is a growing concern of the police, as well as the public.

Initiative: Vision Zero

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is launching an initiative called Vision Zero to help combat the issue of pedestrian accidents and injuries. Because distracted driving is part of the issue leading to the pedestrian injuries, it’s the mayor’s belief that the initiative should include the entire public coming together to achieve his ultimate goal. The initiative combines the following:

  • Public education and awareness
  • Enforcement by the LAPD
  • City prioritization needing improvements for safety

The mayor’s goal for Vision Zero is to reduce traffic deaths down to zero by the year 2015. It’s his belief that with the combination of the factors listed above, his goal will be met by the time that year comes to fruition.

Worried pedestrians and motorists

Pedestrians have made comments about how they sometimes feel they’re taking their lives into their own hands if they’re not making eye contact with motorists. Their feeling is, if they don’t do this, they don’t believe the driver sees them on the street. This feeling doesn’t end with pedestrians; it extends to drivers as well. They worry that those who are walking on the streets will enter their path without paying attention to the vehicles in the roadway. Perhaps with the mayor’s initiative, they’ll feel safer on the streets, no matter if their driving, walking, or crossing.

Contacting a personal injury attorney

For pedestrians who have experienced an injury while on a Los Angeles roadway, you do have recourse. It’s essential for you to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. In addition to answering questions regarding the facts of your case, they’ll help you develop a strategy for your claim from beginning to end.