Three vehicles were involved in a fiery car accident in downtown Los Angeles recently, after one of the vehicles was engulfed in flames. The crash happened at an intersection, after two vehicles and a tanker truck were wrapped up in the wreck. The tanker truck was carrying carbon dioxide and a photo in our source article shows just how serious the flames were. One person was left in critical condition as a result of the crash, while the truck driver in the crash was listed in fair condition.

Little else is known at this time about the crash. It isn’t even clear how the crash happened in the first place.

But from what we do know about this crash, we can learn some lessons. The first is that the accident occurred at an intersection, where many accidents occur. Accidents at intersection can be caused by a wide variety of factors: red-light-runners, distracted drivers, drivers making illegal turns, speeding driver, you name it. So while it will take some time to find out the specifics in this particular crash, there is a chance that one of these reckless factors is involved.

Another lesson is about the truck. Trucks have different regulations and rules that apply to them, and in this case, it is clear that the truck was carrying a dangerous substance. Was the truck compliant with the law? Was the cargo secured prior to the crash? Were any safety or precautionary steps skipped when the truck was loaded and then driven onto the streets?

Source: KTLA, “Tanker Truck Involved in Fiery 3-Vehicle Crash in Downtown Los Angeles,” Anthony Kurzweil, June 20, 2016