You may have heard the story of the San Diego woman who sued her beauty shop for causing her to have a stroke. You may have chuckled at this as “just another frivolous lawsuit.”

It’s not funny

The woman claimed that, during the shampoo, the stylist pulled her neck out of whack, hyperextending it. Eight days later, she felt weakness, and a week later, she suffered a massive stroke.

“They didn’t think I was going to live,” the woman told reporters.

The pulling on her neck, doctors testified, broke an artery, which formed a clot, which eventually led to a stroke.

Some beauticians have changed their furniture so customers can recline instead of sitting for a shampoo.

The case of the hot McDonalds coffee

The shampoo stroke story is like the story from years ago where a 79-year-old woman spilled hot McDonald’s coffee on her lap and sued the company. All the talk show hosts included it in their monologs.

But that suit had merit. Stella Liebeck suffered third-degree burns and had to be hospitalized for eight days and undergo skin grafts.

Insurance companies want you to laugh

The truth is, insurance companies love to describe unusual personal injury suits as trivial, a media joke. They wish that all injuries could be made to appear phony and exaggerated.

But how would you like it if something happened to you, in a store or business, that changed your life forever? How would you like your injury to be a joke on the lips of some blow-dried anchorperson?

The lesson in this story is, Be prepared to take injuries seriously. There is nothing funny about slip-and-fall injuries, or any injuries. When the media pokes fun at “crazy lawsuits,” remember who that mockery serves.