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4 Tips To Avoid Catching Yourself In A Pokemon Go Accident

Pokémon Go has captivated users all over the word. Whether people are playing casually or competitively, players are craving more Pokémon than ever.

Unfortunately, in this pocket-monster-fueled craze, players often walk about without carefully checking their surroundings. Furthermore, there have been reports of players driving vehicles while playing. Upon loading the app, players are warned of to play cautiously as well as never trespass.

Here are some commonsense safety tips for both players and non-players of Pokémon Go.

1. Friends don’t let friends Pokémon Go and drive. Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents around the globe. Looking down to catch a Pokémon or stopping suddenly at a Pokéstop is no different from any other form of distracted driving and is an easy way to find yourself in a completely avoidable car or pedestrian accident.

2. Observe your environment while walking. Pokémon Go is about venturing into neighborhoods and enjoying your surroundings. Staring at your phone while moving around not only puts yourself and others at risk, it doesn’t make your eggs hatch any faster. Additionally, the game is designed to vibrate when a Pokémon appears. As a pedestrian, you are most exposed when you are crossing the street — and as such, you should be your most alert.

3. While driving, look for distracted drivers. This may seem out of the blue, but it is an important reminder in light of the Pokémon Go frenzy. If you see a vehicle drifting lanes, slowing down significantly below the speed limit, or suddenly stopping, you should avoid close proximity with that vehicle.

4. Stay in well-lit public areas. I promise you, that Snorlax that you think is on the other side of that alley-way is most likely not worth being mugged, or worse. Entering parks after their designated open time is considered trespassing even if a lure is active. If you are unfamiliar with a neighborhood, venturing at night might not be the best idea. Adventures are fun; please explore with friends and in hours where people can assist you if you run into more trouble than you can handle.

Remember: at the end of the day, your safety is your responsibility.

Hopefully these tips will help you understand some of the risks associated with playing Pokémon Go and how to avoid them. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a Pokémon Go-related accident, call or email us today.

Best of luck and happy catching!