A few days ago, Los Angeles rush hour traffic was at its early morning peak. A driver of a pick-up made a turn in the intersection of Vanowen Street and Tampa Avenue just before 7 o’clock Wednesday morning.

A motorcycle slammed into the side of the pick-up, police said, as the truck made the turn. The driver of the truck took off, leaving the motorcyclist in his 20s there on the street to die. 

The news article on the tragedy did not indicate whether the pick-up pulled in front of the motorcyclist, causing the driver to panic and flee.

A Los Angeles police officer said the motorcyclist died at the scene of the collision. “(The pick-up driver) was in the best position to call 911, to call paramedics, and that did not occur,” the officer said. The driver opted instead to leave the motorcyclist to die in the street.

A man who was nearby when the accident occurred heard the crush of metal. He noted that the person killed was “someone’s family member, and their family is worrying about them.”

LAPD said there has been a recent increase in the number of collisions between cars, pick-ups, SUVs and other vehicles. Unfortunately, many of those accidents involve fatalities or serious injuries.

We do not yet know what event triggered this collision, but we know that in many similar accidents a driver of the motor vehicle will fail to see an approaching motorcyclist and turn directly into the cyclist’s path. In these kinds of tragedies, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help the family pursue maximum compensation.