More than two months ago, we wrote a post about distracted driving. In that post, we outlined a new device that could be vital for police in the future, called “the textalyzer.” The device was created due to current limitations on how the police prosecute and collect evidence for car accidents where a driver was using his or her cellphone. Currently, it is very difficult to access those phone records to get the evidence necessary to prove someone was texting while driving or using their cellphone while driving.

Given the prevalent nature of distracted driving in today’s world and the extreme danger it poses to everyone out on the road, the fact that a “textalyzer” would even be necessary is unfortunate. But, as it is, this means that people who are involved in distracted driving accidents have even more of a reason to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney now after such a wreck.

The attorneys at Scott J. Corwin can help you with your distracted driving accident and the litigation that comes from it. Being injured in these accidents can be physically and emotionally devastating. It is so upsetting when someone else causes you harm out of sheer ignorance and negligence. There is also a financial cost to these wreck, with huge medical debt and property damage being part of the unfortunate equation.

If you want to hold a reckless driver responsible after he or she used a cellphone while driving, then you should consider consulting with our experienced attorneys.