Last week, we wrote a couple of posts about distracted driving. Today, we would like to continue that conversation by talking about the laws that are popping up all around the country and how distracted driving measures are being applied here in the state of California.

Distracted driving (in this context, we are talking about cellphone use while driving) is a serious and ongoing problem. Despite the best efforts of many states all across the country, there are still plenty of people out there who are choosing to look at their cellphone screen while they drive. Unfortunately, even the most stringent laws aren’t going to eliminate the negligent behaviors of a sizable subset of drivers.

Still, that doesn’t mean these laws shouldn’t be on the books. In California, there are four major laws that apply to cellphone use while driving. There are two bans on all cellphone use: one for bus drivers and one for novice drivers (drivers under the age of 18). There is also a ban on all handheld use in the state of California, as well as a ban on texting while driving for all drivers. All of these laws are primary (except for the ban on cellphone use for drivers under the age of 18), meaning the police could pull you over for the infraction on its own.

It’s great having these laws, but the threat of distracted drivers is out there, and it will remain for a long time. Please be safe out on the road and place your focus on the only thing that really matters: the road.