In the last month, you have probably noticed a lot of people, both young and old, walking around with their phones out seemingly wandering aimlessly through parks and secluded areas. They are all happily shouting with each other, trying to find some sort of location on their phones. These people are playing “Pokemon Go,” an app that has taken the world by storm and is incredibly popular.

It is also incredibly distracting and absorbing, and you can probably where this discussion is heading now: Pokemon Go is just the latest in a string of distracted elements attached to cellphones that make us fear for the safety of people out on the road.

Look, distracted driving isn’t just one thing, but now neither is cellphone use while driving. People are texting behind the wheel; they are watching movies and TV shows behind the wheel; they are playing video games and using apps behind the wheel; they are using their cellphones to find out where they are and where they are going. There are so many ways that a driver can use their cellphone nowadays that it’s no wonder that younger generations are keen to use the device while driving.

According to a survey of 2,500 high school-aged children around the U.S., 70 percent of them admitted to using apps while driving. In that same survey, driving while impaired (29 percent) and texting while driving (25 percent) were the two riskiest behaviors a driver could perform according to those children.

Source: CNN, “Driving While Distracted: It’s not just texting anymore,” Kelly Wallace, Aug. 2, 2016