While the following story doesn’t have many details, it does present an unfortunate fatal car accident that brings up some important topics on the subject. The wreck in question occurred in South Los Angeles around 2 a.m. early Sunday morning on the 105 freeway. Three vehicles were involved in the crash, which is still under investigation.

The crash was so bad that both directions of the freeway had to be closed until the scene was cleared. Video footage showed heavy damage to the vehicles involved. One person was killed in the crash. There are no details about the other people involved in the crash and if they were injured or not. Police are investigating the cause of the crash.

Given the early morning hour of this crash, it is only natural to consider the possibility that drunk driving may have played a role in this crash. It is also possible that a fatigued or sleeping driver could be involved here. We won’t know for sure until the investigation is concluded, but if any of these factors are involved in the crash, then the victims of the wreck should consider legal action.

Losing a loved one in a car accident is traumatic and emotional — but it is even worse when negligence is involved on the part of another driver. In such a case, sadness is mixed with anger. The family members and loved ones of a deceased victim of a drunk driving or fatigued driving accident should consider experienced legal representation to ensure a small modicum of justice is done and that they earn the financial help they need during this heartbreaking time.

Source: ABC 7, “1 killed in multi-vehicle crash on 105 Freeway in South LA,” Sept. 11, 2016