Here’s some rare good news about auto accidents: most injuries don’t qualify as catastrophic.

You know what a catastrophic injury is – it’s an irreversible life-changing event, like paralysis, limb amputation, traumatic brain injury, or severe burns.

Make you want to break down and cry

These kinds of injuries happen, and when they happen, they are dreadful. We have had many of these cases at our firm. Our job as attorneys is to remain dispassionate and professional.

But honestly, some injuries, and what they do to people’s lives, and to their families, they just make you want to break down and cry.

But here’s the good news: most injuries aren’t like that. They are injuries of moderate seriousness: a fractured wrist, facial abrasions, burns to the hands, broken ankles, sprained neck, or other soft- tissue injury.

These injuries account for the lion’s share of personal injury claims. Catastrophic injuries, by comparison, are actually rare.

Moderately serious are quite serious, of course, when it is you who suffer them. They will cause you to lose work. They will require downtime, and perhaps rehabilitation or physical therapy before you can return to work. And they hurt and frustrate you and keep you up at night.

Most of the car accident cases we take are like this. They aren’t the million dollar cases that make the headlines. But if you are injured at this level, and are compensated with $100,000 or $150,000 for your pains, to pay doctor bills and keep your family going until you are able to resume work, that’s a good thing.

Your case is naturally important to you. Just as these kinds of cases are very important to us at Scott J. Corwin. They are the kinds of cases that help people get back in the game, so a collision on Ventura Boulevard doesn’t ruin your life.

This is to let you know how much we value your business, and also to remind you, despite your injuries – things could be much, much worse.