Everyone is a pedestrian. It is a facet of life that we don’t often think about, but when you consider the incredible risk that pedestrians take on every time they walk on the sidewalk and cross the street, it becomes a crucial facet. Pedestrians have no safety equipment; they have no padding; they have no seat belts; they just have themselves. And when they are hit by a motor vehicle, they often suffer terrible or even fatal injuries.

There are also many people who are bicyclists. Again, this is an activity that we may take for granted, but being a bicyclist is dangerous as well. Much like pedestrians, they have almost no padding or protection to help them when a vehicle strikes them. And much like pedestrians, they can suffer terrible or fatal injuries when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Consider this statistic from 2014: nearly 5,000 people (4,844 to be exact) died in pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents. That’s about 12 people per day, and it become 20 people per day if you include biking fatalities. That data is from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The injuries that can be suffered in a pedestrian or bike accident are severe. They can change the way you live your life and rob you of the freedoms you used to enjoy and the ability to perform activities you cherished. If this accident happened at the hands of a negligent driver, don’t let them get away with it. Hold them responsible for the injuries you have suffered.