With Halloween around the corner, it is important to recognize what we can do to prevent and reduce the chances of causing an accident. As both pedestrians and drivers, we each need to take responsibility for our safety, and for the safety of our communities. In this blog, I plan to highlight some important steps we can all take to make Halloween of 2016 the safest yet. 

As a pedestrian, you can do the following to reduce the chance of a motor vehicle collision:

· Go trick or treating with your kids while sunlight is still available.

· Cross the street at designated crosswalks when legally allowed.

· Acknowledge drivers by making eye contact before cross the street or entering an intersection.

· Wear reflective gear with your costume. (It may not be fashionable, but pedestrian accidents tend to be traumatic and yield catastrophic injuries.)

Driving Safely On Halloween Night

As a driver, you should take the following precautions to avoid a collision with a pedestrian trick-or-treater on Halloween.

o Drive slowly through residential streets and watch for children (or adults) running across the street. Excited children tend to forget about cars and crosswalks when candy and costumes are on the line.

o Turn on your headlights earlier in the evening. Headlights not only help you spot pedestrians, they also help pedestrians see you.

o When exiting your driveway, exit slowly and wait for children to be accompanied by adults. Small children may be lower than your rear view mirror when they are close to your bumper.

Halloween is a supposed to be a celebration for all ages. If we can reduce the number of pedestrian and other car accidents on the road on one of the busiest pedestrian nights, we can take a large step forward in pedestrian safety.