The Southbound 15 freeway was closed recently after a fatal crash in the early morning hours of Sunday, Oct. 16. The wreck involved a semi-truck that crashed into a stalled vehicle. All lanes on the southbound part of the freeway were closed as police investigated the crash and cleaned up debris from the scene. One person was killed in the accident, but other than that, we don’t have much in terms of details for this story.

Obviously that is going to lead to some speculation, but there are important speculative points to make. For example, given the hour of the crash, it is reasonable to ask about the mental state of the semi-truck driver. Was he or she tired or fatigued? Was he or she asleep at the wheel? Was he or she drunk or intoxicated in some way?

There are also some other potential factors that could be involved here. Were there technical difficulties with the semi-truck? Was the stalled vehicle parked or stopped in an appropriate place? At what speed was the semi-truck traveling at when the accident occurred?

There’s a lot to discuss and many questions need to be answered about this particular crash. But many of these questions could be asked about in many different motor vehicle accidents. When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to fully investigate the circumstances of your crash — and while the police will obviously help in this regard, it is beneficial to have an independent investigation done. An attorney can help you with that and support you with your legal endeavor after the crash.

Source: KTLA, “Fatal Crash Closes All Lanes of Southbound 15 in Cajon Pass for Nearly 3 Hours,” Oct. 16, 2016