Did you know that once every 53 minutes, someone dies due to a drunk driving accident? Yes, this statistic is sadly true and it exemplifies a major problem out on the road right now: driver awareness and safety are not where they need to be. Some people may think they can have a drink or two and get behind the wheel of a car. And just the fact that some people think this way means we need to do more to advocate for both public and road safety.

While drunk driving is a major problem, it is also a vessel that could be filled in by many different issues to describe the matter of safety on the road. Cellphone use while driving; fatigued driving; careless driving; and other forms of distracted or dangerous driving pose similar risks to drunk driving, even if their frequency isn’t the same as drunk driving accidents.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, and the other driver was intoxicated, or talking on a cellphone, or sending a text message or just lost in though or asleep, then you owe to yourself — and really society in general — to hold that person accountable. You should consult with an attorney and pursue civil litigation against the reckless driver.

At the law firm of Scott. J Corwin, we believe in standing up for the injured victims of drunk driving accidents, distracted driving accidents, and any other type of motor vehicle accident. We will be your advocate, and can help you during your fight for civil justice.