Five students were injured in a bizarre accident in Los Angeles recently, though thankfully none of them suffered life-threatening injuries. The five students were in a school parking lot when the accident occurred. An SUV collided with a minivan, and the resulting wreck must have spun the vehicles out of control and into the students. One of the drivers suffered minor injuries. The extent of the injuries to the students was not made clear in the source article.

The police are labeling the car crash a true “accident” as one of the drivers said that their gas pedal became stuck and that was what caused the accident. No other details were provided for context, but given the determination by police, this really does seem to be a accident.

This is an important aspect of motor vehicle accidents. There truly are cases where an accident is just that — an accident. Blame or fault may still play a role in the case, but sometimes things just happen and there’s no way to assign negligence or recklessness to a party or individual.

Of course the flip side of this is what we talk about all the time: that a car crash occurred as a result of the irresponsible actions of a driver. In these cases, the victims of the crash need to consider their legal options after the wreck. There are very critical issues that need to be discussed and investigated as soon as possible after a car crash.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “Five Students Struck by SUV in Sylmar,” Oct. 25, 2016