Motor vehicle accidents happen every day, and no piece of legislation or novel invention is ever going to change that. As long as we use vehicles to travel, there will be accidents. Drivers will make mistakes or act irresponsibly; automated systems will fail unexpectedly or experience glitches; and the vehicles themselves could fail or otherwise break down in unanticipated ways. This is simply the world we live in, and as unfortunate as it is to accept that motor vehicle accidents will always happen, it is something we need to embrace.

When a motor vehicle accident happens, it isn’t just the driver and the occupants of a car that suffer. A bicyclist could be involved in the wreck, or a pedestrian. Motorcycles could by clipped or struck. Buildings can be the victim of an oncoming motor vehicle that essentially acts as a battering ram.

What we’re saying is, there’s a lot to consider when a motor vehicle accident occurs. And given their frequency, it behooves those affected by such accidents to know the law and have an advocate on their side.

Scott J. Corwin has been a powerful ally for many motor vehicle accident victims over the years, and he will continue to be an advocate for such victims in the Los Angeles area in the future. From injuries and property damage, to medical bills and treatment, there are a lot of aspects to consider in the wake of a motor vehicle accident. Consult with Scott J. Corwin to ensure your case is handled properly.