When choosing a car to drive, your safety in the case of an accident should be a top priority. The IIHS, The Institute for Highway Safety, produces easy to understand safety ratings for different collision types as well a variety of safety features. Modern vehicles can come with smarter airbags, auto-braking, collision warning sensors and alarms, lane drifting detection and even smart cruise control. While these features are fantastic technologies that can save lives, people still fall victim to avoidable collisions.

One of the recent tests of the IIHS revealed the poor construction and safety of the Nissan Tsuru, Nissan’s Mexican market low cost sedan. When the IIHS sent the Tsuru in a 50-50 driver’s side head on collision against the Versa, Nissan’s American market low cost sedan, the result were horrifying. A link to the test footage is below. The crash dummy in the Tsuru was completely collapsed upon as the front and drivers side cabin were shredded. Without airbags or a strong enough frame, the crash dummy in the Tsuru stood no chance of surviving the impact.

For American drivers, what are the takeaways from these test results? For starters, we can all be thankful American regulations and safety standards. Without the safety features listed above, countless lives would be lost. The other main takeaway is to not skimp on rental cars in foreign countries. While saving a little money here and there can help a vacation budget, your safety should never be compromised.

Link to video below.