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Holiday & Christmas Eve 2016 Travel Tips

If we learned anything from Thanksgiving this year, we learned to politely discuss our politics, and stay off the roads the day before major Holidays. Christmas Eve is on the horizon and is poised to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. With gas prices so low, people are more willing to drive to their family gatherings these holidays. This poses many public safety concerns as traffic increases and the probability more drunk drivers enter our streets and highways. So what can we do to reduce traffic and reduce the frequency of holiday and Christmas Eve accidents? Below we highlight some options to help you avoid becoming a holiday statistic.

Tips For Safe Holiday Travel

Travel lightly. It sounds much simpler than you may anticipate, but reducing your load can help you in multiple ways. If you plan on traveling by air, traveling with carry-on luggage can greatly reduce your wait time in the airports. Additionally, it makes ordering an Uber, or other lift ride service, much easier if you only need a small trunk to store your baggage. Another way to avoid some of the major traffic is to travel on off days. This may seem obvious to many, but a lot of travelers underestimate the unique traffic that Angelenos find themselves in on a regular basis. Couple the usual traffic of some of Los Angeles’s highly trafficked areas (LAX, Downtown Santa Monica, Downtown Los Angeles, particular sections of the 405, etc…) with a massive influx of Holiday travelers and you end up with several hour delays on the roads. So, one of the simplest ways to avoid the traffic is travel when the number of travelers is low. Travelling a couple days prior the a major holiday and leaving midweek after a holiday weekend, while often difficult for work reasons, can make your vacation or family visit significantly less stressful.

One last method to avoid the heaviest traffic is using your smartphone to navigate around the traffic. Many navigational apps offer re-routing features to help people avoid traffic hotspots. In Los Angeles, these apps have found their calling in helping thousands of people avoid congestion due to construction, motor vehicle accidents or congestion due to sheer population and road capacity limitations. To use these apps safely, have a passenger navigate the driver and give directions, or allow the phone to be used handsfree. Remember than any second spent fiddling with an app is a second with your eyes off the road. The last thing that Los Angeles needs is another distracted driver, especially over the holidays.