When you become a parent, your life changes for ever. Not only do your responsibilities change dramatically, the way you view daily life shifts in ways you can’t fathom. Everyday tasks like making dinner and driving to the store take on new light. Driving with your child, short and long distances, have different issues that you need to consider to have a safe car ride. Regardless of distance however, your child’s safety seat can make all the difference in an accident.

Different Types of Seats

Safety seats come in a variety of selections, all of which have their own pros and cons. For infants, rear facing car seats are the only option. Rear facing seats provide the support that infants need in the case of a sudden stop or collision. While injuries still occur in traumatic motor vehicle accidents, the risk and severity of injuries sustained by the passenger infant are significantly reduced. As kids grow, convertible car seats, both front and rear facing, are a strong option to support a child. In these types of the car seats, it is imperative that you properly size the seat to the child. The seat may need to be adjusted frequently as your child continues to grow in spurts. Industry experts recommend a child remain in rear facing safety seat until they reach the height or weight maximum for the seat.

Movin’ On Up

Once your child surpasses the height or weight maximum for a rear-facing safety seat, you can move them into a front facing seat. If you originally purchased a convertible seat, you may be able convert the seat into a front facing seat. There are also safety seats that can be taken apart and used as a booster seat once your child has outgrown the harness and tether setup. Depending on the needs of your child and family, you may want to shop around to determine the best seat for you. Many All-in-One seats are designed to convert and be reduced over time to accommodate the needs of your child’s growing body. After purchasing your safety seat, be sure to register the seat to be notified of any product recalls that apply to your child seat.