When we think of fatal car accidents, we usually think of two vehicles colliding with one another. In the aftermath, authorities will try to determine who was at fault. But what happens if there’s only one car involved? What happens when the passengers are the victims of the driver’s negligence?

A recent fatal car accident in California is a perfect example. In the early morning hours on a February day, a man was heading north in a 2016 Lexus on Highway 135. According to authorities, he was driving at a high rate of speed and tried to make a driving maneuver that was unsafe. The car skidded out of control, crashing through a fence, slamming into a concrete bench and finally coming to rest on its roof.

The car was driven by a 25-year-old man and was carrying two female passengers in the back seats and a male passenger in the front seat. The driver and the passenger in the front seat were able to extricate themselves from the vehicle, but the women in the back were trapped. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they discovered that one of the women was dead. The other they were able to remove from the vehicle. She was taken to a local hospital with severe injuries.

An investigation found that the driver was intoxicated. He was arrested.

In a case like this one, the family of the woman who was killed and the injured woman could file a suit against the driver in an attempt to get compensation. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a car accident, an attorney may be able to help you file suit.

Source: keyt.com, “One women dies in Orcutt crash, driver arrested on suspicion of DUI,” Margaret Lenker, February 6, 2017