Tour buses hold a large number of passengers and the safety of these passengers are in the hands of the driver. Along with a large number of passengers comes a large potential for damage. Tour bus drivers are expected to show a high level of care, caution, and regard for safety and traffic rules. Tour buses are “common carriers”. This refers to any organization or body whose function is to transport a large number of people in return for monetary compensation.

In the case of a tour bus accident it can be very hard to make out who is responsible and liable for the damages caused, and that is because so many different parties can be involved. The parties involved can include, tour companies, bus companies, the party who booked the tour, bus stop destinations and the driver himself. Tour companies are expected to contract only those bus companies that are licensed, have a good safety and security record and choose destinations and routes that are safe while keeping in mind weather conditions. If the tour company willingly contracted a bus company that had an abysmal safety and driving record while having full knowledge, then they could be held liable along with the bus company if there is an accident.

Bus companies are expected to acquire buses that are safe, in good working order and well maintained. The drivers should be well trained and given schedules that ensure that they are not overworked or given schedules that are too demanding which can result in accidents due to sleep deprivation or exhaustion. If the bus company was found to have hired incapable drivers, used unsafe buses or dangerous schedules then they could be held directly liable for any accidents and damages. The bus stops and resorts can also be held liable if the accident was due to the venue being unsafe or the location not being properly looked after and cleaned.

As you can see, there are various parties in play and determining liability in a bus accident case can be very confusing and complex. To help ensure that you receive adequate compensation and representation, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced attorney near you.