In Los Angeles, in California and around the country, winter is gradually thawing its way into spring. With warming temperatures, taking a drive somewhere scenic for a walk or hike with your best friend is increasingly enticing. Now, your best friend may not be the best man at your wedding, or the sorority sister who helped you get through finals week junior year. If that is the case, your best friend might have significantly more fur than you and need a special restraining system when you two go for a drive. Dog safety harnesses can save the lives of you and your dog if you are involved in an accident. Dogs can be very distracting creatures as they don’t particularly care if you are attempting to merge onto a highway or complete a right turn through a pedestrian crossing zone. Keeping your dog in a harness can keep the dog restrained from distracting you as well as being ejected or tossed around the vehicle if you are in a sudden collision with another vehicle or object.

Securing Your Pet

A properly fitted safety harness should allow the dog to breathe and rest comfortably, while restrain the movement of the dog to prevent him or her from being tossed around or out the cabin. An unrestrained dog within the cabin could easily become a hazard as the physics of a car collision takes over quickly and turns your best friend into a projectile of potential head, neck or back injury waiting to happen. The force of your dog getting slammed into you, another passenger or the surrounding seats could easily be fatal for you or your dog and at speeds that we drive cars, you have no way of reacting fast enough mid collision. Additionally, if your dog is ejected from the car and survives, your dog is now at risk of being run over by surrounding traffic as your dog attempts to navigate the treacherous and terrifying world of motor vehicle traffic. When it comes down to it, securing your dog ultimately is your responsibility and necessary for the safety of both you and your best friend.