The historic Angels Flight of Downtown Los Angeles has waited patiently for its resurrection since it was closed in an incident in 2013 revealing some troubling engineering issues. Angels Flight, recently featured in the blockbuster 2017 movie, La La Land, has not been in public operation since the September 2013 derailment and will hopefully open for Labor Day 2017. Prior to the 2013 accident, in 2001 there was a fatal accident that killed a man and injured seven others as the passenger car, Sinai, rolled back down the track uncontrolled and crashed into passenger car Olivet.

The Mayor’s Plan

With the plans to re-design and re-open the funicular, Mayor Garcetti seemed excited at the prospect of bringing this iconic railway back into public operation in his announcement last month. “I can’t promise the same prices that folks were paying in 1901. I can say that MTA will be giving a 50 percent discount on fares for all Metro TAP card holder,” he explained. The discounted prices for MTA card holders will last for the first 3 years of operation. With certificates to operate Angel’s Flight from the California Public Utilities Commission, the Angels Flight Railway Foundation and ACS Group have agreed to manage the “World’s shortest railway” for the next 30 years. While perhaps Angel’s Flight is not the most important transit line in the lineup of renovations and additions coming to the LA metro system, it certainly brings historic character to the Downtown LA area; which is currently experiencing a re-birthing of its own.