Pedestrian and bicyclist safety is a major focus of Vision Zero, the ambitious goal for zero traffic deaths by 2025. To tackle this issue head on, the city of Los Angeles has plans to reinvent some of their more injury prone streets. In Downtown Los Angeles, Spring and Main Street will see some major changes in 2018 and 2019. Safety barriers to separate automobile traffic from pedestrians and cyclists will allow automobile traffic to continue without cars encroaching on cyclists’ operational space. Additionally, the proposed designs will not reduce the number of traffic lanes available to automobiles so as to not contribute to the anticipated growth in the downtown area’s automobile congestion.

Pedestrian & Bicyclists vs. Cars

As most people know, pedestrian and bicycle versus automobile accidents result in some of the most traumatic accidents due to the lack protection and force of the collision. Between the high potential for road rash and broken bones, the odds are heavily stacked against the pedestrian and cyclist. The fact of the matter is that any protections given to pedestrians will be greatly appreciated. Lighted crosswalks, safety barriers and additional enforcement to encourage drivers to follow the rules of the road are contributing solutions to reducing the number of pedestrian deaths.