As summer rapidly approaches, bicyclists in California and all over the nation will be taking to the road. In this case, it’s imperative for both cyclists as well as drivers to remain aware of crucial safety tips. While accidents can’t always be prevented, maintaining safety is the responsibility of all who share the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers a few tips aimed at cyclists to help prevent crashes from occurring. For instance, bicyclists are encouraged to fully prepare themselves before setting out on the road to lessen the chance of injury. This can entail selecting well-maintained bicycle that accommodates the rider’s frame. Riders should also take some time to plot out their routes, and if at all possible should opt to travel on streets that have less vehicle traffic.

Cyclists must also be sure they have the appropriate gear to mitigate the effects if a crash does occur. Helmets are of paramount importance in this case. Helmet sizing is crucial, as a helmet that is too big or small will offer insufficient protection. Trying a few different helmet sizes is recommended, until one is found that offers both comfort as well as protection.

Drivers must also take precautions when sharing the road with bicyclists. That’s why recommends that drivers maintain an ample distance from bicyclists when on the road. In general, an area ranging from two to three feet is best. Drivers must also remain alert to the presence of cyclists, especially when traversing intersections or while parallel parking. When encountering a cyclist on the road, reducing speed is crucial.