If you have children who are old enough to drive, you have probably spent some time thinking about how to discourage texting and driving. If you have, you are certainly not alone because many Californian parents share your same anxiety.

The Federal Communications Commission suggests some ways that you can positively influence your children and encourage them to put their phones away when behind the wheel. These include the following:

  • Be an example: Always put your phone away when you get into the driver’s seat. Regardless of how pressing a phone call may seem, never pick up, look at or manipulate your phone. Setting an example will help your children understand the type of behavior you expect from them.
  • Provide distinct directions: When your child is going to be driving somewhere alone, make sure you know where they are going and that they understand how to get there. If they need directions, do your best to provide clear instructions so they can find their destination without having to rely on hand-operated GPS systems or a phone.
  • Be vigilant and involved: Often, there are community resources designed to help parents like you encourage safe driving. Be familiar with these tools and be involved in your child’s driving education. Additionally, tell your family and friends about your desire for your child to put his or her phone away while driving and ask them to contribute their encouragement and praise.

Many teenage drivers involved in fatal accidents are distracted at the time of the crash. Your efforts to educate your children can help them avoid becoming part of the statistic. This information is for educational purposes and should not be taken as legal advice.