One of the most debilitating types of personal harm you could face in a car accident is a traumatic brain injury. Experiencing an accident as the result of another driver’s negligence could change the course of your life if it results in a TBI, and negligent drivers in California should be held accountable for their actions. Here at Scott J Corwin, we stand with car accident victims to pursue justice after these life-altering tragedies.

According to Healthline, TBIs resulting from car accidents come in varying forms. They could be the result of bleeding within the skull, known as a hemorrhage. A concussion is bruising of the brain, and a hematoma is a blood clot. Each of these injuries may cause significant damage.

While there are varying levels of severity, virtually all TBIs have some common symptoms. They could cause physical effects, such as nausea and extreme fatigue. However, an injury to the brain may alter your emotional and mental state as well. You could feel disoriented, inexplicably sad or angry. You may even experience a loss of memory surrounding the accident. Many of these symptoms disappear in the days and weeks following the injury, but TBIs often carry damaging long-term effects. Even up to five years after an injury takes place, over half of the victims are disabled or inhibited in some significant way. About one-third still need assistance with everyday tasks, and half have repeat visits to a medical facility as a direct result of their injuries. More information about head injuries is available on our web page.