Santa Monica and the city of Los Angeles continue the fight to make the streets and sidewalks safer for pedestrians and cyclists alike as local authorities participated in more scheduled pedestrian and cyclists safety days. On days dedicated to pedestrian safety like those a few months ago in February , officers aim to increase their visibility on the streets to encourage drivers to obey the laws of the road. This includes preventing drivers from speeding excessively, making illegal turns, passing stop signs and encroaching on cyclists’ 3 foot zone. The applicable laws will also be enforced on bike riders that fail to follow these laws. Additionally, city law enforcement officials will cite pedestrians failing to follow applicable traffic rules.

Sharing The Road Is Everyone’s Responsibility

It is important to remember that as pedestrians, we are responsible for our own safety. Walking and staring at your phone or listening to music in your headphones is an easy to isolate yourself from your surroundings and puts you at greater risk for injury. Look for buttons to activate crosswalk lights and alert drivers of your presence. Los Angeles has seen a lot of weather this winter and the last thing you need is an inattentive driver hydroplaning towards you. Always be cautious of drivers making unpredictable movements and understand your rights as a pedestrian, both on the crosswalk and beyond.