No matter the type of accident, it is imperative to determine who is responsible for the accident and who will be held liable. It may be obvious to those involved but this is irrelevant until evidence is provided that supports your arguments and your claims. To make a stronger argument these are the factors that can help in backing your claims:

Police reports: Police reports are considered official documents that provide detailed information regarding the accident. They also hold the officer’s opinion on who should be held liable as well as the circumstances in which the accident took place. This is why police reports are generally considered the most important piece of evidence to support an argument because it is an official document from a recognized law official that details their opinion about the accident.

Amending a police report:  If there is a mistake in a police report and you recognize it you can get it amended easily if the error was factual for e.g. wrong license plate no but if the amendment is regarding contested information then it is very difficult to get it amended but not impossible.

Traffic laws: The traffic laws for the state are the rules by which drivers must abide and if you can show that you were following the laws while the other driver wasn’t then this is very strong evidence to support your argument and puts you in a very strong negotiating position.

No fault car accident: In these scenarios, it is abundantly clear whose fault the accident is thus there is no argument and little discussion and deliberation in the processing of the case.

Rear end accidents: If you are hit from behind in an accident it is almost always the case that the collision was the fault of the trailing driver and this can be used to give you a very strong arguing position as it is the responsibility of the driver to keep a safe distance between their car and the car in front. There are cases where the driver in front might also share the blame by not using the correct indicator or having broken rear lights in that case they are still liable but you also share liability in the form of contributory negligence.

Proving fault in a car accident case can be very confusing thus it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced attorney.