In the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles, the city plans to improve a 3 block stretch of Los Angeles Street between 7th street and the bustling Olympic Boulevard. With the addition of high visibility crosswalks, upgraded lighting at pedestrian bus stops, access ramps and safer sidewalks, the city of Los Angeles hopes to refurbish this area and make it safer for all visitors. Additionally, further re-construction of the section of Los Angeles Street will include some more greenery. More trees, drought tolerant plants in planters at mid-block bumpouts will hopefully provide a refreshed vitality. With all the improvements slated for this pocket of the fashion district, the question remains: can LA afford to make these renovations across the city?

Driven By Vision Zero

With Vision Zero a city-wide priority, all departments across the city are looking for funding to create safer transit areas for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Unfortunately, these projects are not cheap. The project on Los Angeles Street alone is estimated to cost just under $2 million dollars. Projects are underway across the city to improve pedestrian access and safety with public transit, whether that involves widening sidewalks or adding gates to train tracks. Project M and the newly passed gas tax may go a long way in funding these needed improvements, but we will have to see if they end up saving lives.