If you were looking to take a firsthand glimpse into the sport of competitive cycling for the first time, or an avid enthusiast of the global sport, you sure better have seen the final stage in the Amgen Tour of California. Depending on where you live in the Golden State, you may have had a portion of the Men’s tour or Women’s tour near your hometown. The Men’s tour began in Sacramento, traveled through Pismo Beach, wound its way up to Big Bear and reached the finishing line in Southern California’s Pasadena. The Women’s Tour launched from South Lake Tahoe, set course for Elk Grove then finished in Sacramento.

Spectating live cycling events may be a great way to give yourself the inspiration you need to go for that Sunday bike ride, motivate you to bike to work twice a week in the summer, or even spread the love of biking with a new generation of cyclists. If you were not able to make it to one of the cycling events, you may be able to watch future tours take place from the comfort of your home. Tv broadcasters and streaming services alike are trying new and innovative programming to bring their viewers the best entertainment value possible. As California looks to promote cyclist and public safety through its various vision zero initiatives, the Amgen Tour took place in the perfect month to promote the joys and safe practices of cycling.