Cars are flooding the market with safety features aimed at correcting mistakes or alerting the driver to hazards on the road. As autonomous driving becomes a closer reality, many of the features used to keep the car within its own lane or detect other surrounding objects can be used to help drivers practice safer driving techniques. However, many older vehicles don’t have these life-saving features, forcing many car owners to decide between their safety and spending their savings on a newer and safer vehicle. Fortunately, those choices can be made with less financial pressure as companies are producing aftermarket safety kits.

What Can I Add To My Vehicle?

Backup cameras, blind spot, lane departure warnings and even forward collision detection are all features that can be bought and installed on many older vehicles. While the assistive braking is not available with these aftermarket products, the ability to take these new technologies and seamlessly add them to vehicles that lack these options could be potentially lifesaving. According to studies, 90% rear end collisions could be entirely avoided with 1.5 seconds of advanced notice. In many cases, that aftermarket warning device could prevent minor and major accidents like whiplash injuries, lacerations, head trauma and maybe even prevent a loss of life on the roadway. While the consumer must do the research to determine what device and features fit his or her needs, it is certainly worth investigating.