Ride sharing seems to be the wave of the future whether that entails people driving the vehicles or advanced computers. The city of Los Angeles, hoping to keep up with the demand for affordable ride sharing, is starting its own program in some of it’s lower income neighborhoods. Angelenos over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s licenses will be able to participate in BlueCalifornia, featuring a fleet of 100 electric vehicles.

For many Los Angeles families, going green simply isn’t economically viable. Unfortunately, the rates for use of the electric vehicles have yet to be published officially. However, participants will be eligible for varying rebate percentages depending on their income. Additionally, these vehicles can be dropped off at any of the kiosks given there is parking available allowing for greater flexibility than other ride share programs.

Environmentally and Financially Friendly

Mayor Eric Garcetti is excited to let the new fleet hit the streets and hopefully make an impact for better on some of the air quality issues and traffic congestion issues that plague Los Angeles. For many of LA’s wealthier homeowners, California and the city of LA have been very encouraging of going green with various home repair rebates and low water landscaping. However, for many citizens, these attempts to make Los Angeles more environmentally responsible were inaccessible. “You can’t do a good environmental program if it doesn’t include everyone, and income should not dictate people’s activism,” Garcetti explained last month. But BlueCalifornia is only a piece of the puzzle to increase the quality of life for lower income LA residents. Stronger public transit options, bike sharing programs and more bike routes are all part of the larger picture to improve the famed City of Angels.

To learn more about the program, Angelenos can visit https://www.bluela.com/ or watch LA DOT’s recent video on BlueLA.