According to recent reports, two people have been killed and several others, including children, were seriously injured in a crash that involved an 18-wheeler. The California Highway Patrol reports that a six-year-old suffered neck injuries, and another child was harmed in the wreck, which also injured four other people. It is unclear at this time what caused the driver to lose control of his truck.

The big truck was said to have swerved across two lanes of traffic, jack-knifed, and came to rest in the highway. It was reported to have been moving into the southbound transition from the westbound lane when the driver inexplicably lost control. Before crashing into a concrete divider wall, the truck rammed through a metal guardrail and crossed lanes of traffic.

At that point, the truck crashed into a car that was in the northbound fast lane of the transition ramp. It then moved on across the busy road and smashed into another vehicle. Both cars were reported to have been mangled in the wreck. Two women inside of the first car were killed, and six others, including two little girls, were injured. The big truck had two people in it who suffered minor injuries.

One of the little girls who was injured in the wreck suffered neck injuries when her neck was broken. When accidents such as this take place in California, the results can be catastrophic. Victims and their families may choose to consult with a personal injury attorney in such cases so that they can receive guidance on how to proceed in seeking damages for their injuries and losses.

Source:, “2 Dead, 6 Hurt in Big Rig Crash on SR-125 in La Mesa,” Monica Garske, Aug 3, 2017