After driving with apparent extreme fatigue and using his cell phone repeatedly during the drive, a bus driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter in an accident that killed four. The man is also accused of failing to keep his records accurate, entering false information into his log book, and driving over the law-allowed time limits for the state of California, all of which could have contributed to the bus accident. Over the last two years, he had been given at least seven citations for violations.

The 58-year-old man was driving the bus early one morning in August 2016 when it swerved and hit a signpost on the highway. According to the report, the bus was split almost in half by the pole, killing four people and leaving many more with injuries; some of which were severe enough to require the amputation of limbs. The bus was said to have held 49 passengers.

Although the man was not on his cell phone at the time of the accident, he had reportedly been using it several times during the trip, including just before the accident occurred. Although his log book showed that he had slept for just over six hours, his cell phone records showed that he was actually on the phone during the hours that he was supposed to be sleeping. Fatigue was shown to be a major factor in the accident.

A bus accident in the state of California can leave victims with serious injuries and families without their loved ones. Anyone who has suffered injury or the death of a loved one because of a negligent driver may wish to consult with a personal injury lawyer. This type of lawyer can help the victim to pursue damages in his or her case.

Source: latimes.com, “Driver charged in Merced County bus wreck that killed 4 people,” Hailey Branson-Potts, Aug. 1, 2017