After a baby-sized crash-test dummy was sent flying from an automobile during testing, parents have been issued a high-risk warning. The crash demo of that particular test shows that certain child safety seats can come apart during a crash and send a baby through the windshield of the vehicle. Another seat by the same brand was also recently proven to fail. Parents in Los Angeles may want to take note of the subsequent recalls.

The Recaro Chair was the latest recall issued after the video was made public. But another child safety seat, the Recaro Optia, is showing similar issues. With both seats, the car seat clicks into a base that is hooked to the car’s seat by seatbelts. But the car safety seat in these particular products doesn’t stay connected to the base during an accident. 

The Optia was called out for its issues after a popular watchdog magazine published footage of a similar safety test video. The seat was listed in the magazine’s “Do Not Buy” list after those tests showed that the seat could detach and throw the baby out of the car. Just as in the latest video, the base of the Optia remained firmly attached to the seat of the car while the chair and baby went soaring.

The Recaro Chair with Fix base was created to fix the issues that were seen in the Optia, but instead, shows the same issues. Anyone who has suffered injury or loss because of a faulty product such as these child safety seats may choose to contact a personal injury attorney. This lawyer can advise the victim or family on how to proceed to seek damages in Los Angeles.

Source: dailystar.coma, “SECOND child car seat recalled after ‘baby’ flies out in crash test video,” Charlotte Ikonen, Aug. 1, 2017