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Brain injury can cause a multitude of changes in victims’ lives

For the average California resident, life is a series of ups and downs that all come with the normal challenges of life. However, for those who have experienced the life-altering effects of a brain injury, events that most would perceive as normal can become almost insurmountable obstacles. If that injury was the result of an accident caused by another, then there may also be feelings of frustration and sorrow for what was lost.

One survivor has outlined some of the side effects that have impacted daily life. While many people may believe that a head injury is limiting and can be recovered from, the reality is that life may be forever changed for these victims. Along with the initial injury, there may be long-term changes in every aspect of a person’s life. Everything from cognitive function to emotional stability may be adversely affected.

While the survival rates for those who have been injured have increased dramatically, the quality of that life may differ markedly from the life one previously led. Some victims may suffer from physical impairment such as lack or loss of muscle coordination, bowel or bladder control or even loss or diminishing of one’s sense of taste or touch. In addition to any cognitive or physical impairments, sufferers may also experience marked changes in personality and behaviors.

All of these possible side effects can wreak havoc on one’s life. While physical injuries can heal overtime, those who suffer a severe brain injury may experience varying levels of recovery throughout their lifetimes. Since every person is different, the effects that such an injury will have will also vary tremendously from one individual to another.When one suffers any serious injury as the result of another party’s actions or negligence, the injured party or his or her family members may seek compensation for the monetary damages and losses through the filing of a personal injury claim through the California civil court system against the parties deemed responsible.

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