Police in Los Angeles are on the lookout for a minivan driver who recently struck a bicyclist and left the person badly injured. The cyclist was riding westward in the early evening when the hit-and-run occurred. The driver didn’t bother to stop to see if the cyclist was in need of assistance.

Police say the cyclist, whose name was not released, was transported to a hospital with severe head injuries. The incident was captured on a police surveillance video. A reward is being offered to anyone providing information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the driver.

Drivers need to be mindful of bicyclists on roadways. When driving by or near a cyclist, drivers must reduce their speed. And if an accident should occur, it is the law that parties remain at the scene to render aid and await the authorities and to alert others that an accident has happened. By the same token, bicyclists should take precautions when on busy roadways and make sure to adhere to traffic rules.

If a driver is at fault in an accident that injures someone, the injured person may be able to pursue compensation for injuries suffered, among things like loss of income, pain and suffering and medical expenses. Obtaining the advice of a Los Angeles attorney experienced in car accidents and personal injury law is the first step on the road to compensation. Injuries suffered as a result of hit-and-run accidents could very well be life-changing. Working with an attorney will increase the chances of having a positive outcome when it comes to being compensated.

Source: ktla.com, “LAPD Looking for Pico-Union Hit-and-Run Driver Who Left Bicyclist Severely Injured,” Melissa Pamer and Kimberly Cheng, Aug. 21, 2017