A man has been killed in a wreck that involved two tractor-trailers. Ironically, neither truck driver is believed to have been the cause of the California auto accident. In fact, it all started one day recently when a sedan clipped one of the big rigs.

The driver of the black sedan was reported to have clipped a tractor-trailer, causing the driver of the rig to lose control of his steering. At that point, the truck was stuck in the middle of the highway. When the vehicles came to a stop, both drivers were okay, according to witnesses.

Sadly, a few minutes later another big rig was traveling along the same highway and crashed into the back of the first tractor-trailer. Although the driver seems to have hit his brakes, it was impossible to stop the big rig in time. The cab of his truck was crushed, killing him.

The accidents left the highway blocked off for some time as crews worked to free the crushed vehicles. Cars moved in single file for some time after the crash, and it took hours for all lanes to finally open again. One of the tractor-trailers had to be unloaded before it could be moved out of the way.

If a loved one has been killed in an auto accident in California, it may be prudent to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney. Even the momentary carelessness of a driver can cause a snowball effect that can leave someone dead or seriously injured. A personal injury attorney can help accident victims, including the surviving families of deceased victims, pursue legal recourse through the civil justice system.


Source: NBC Bay Area, “One Killed in Collision Involving Two Big Rigs and Car on I-580 Near Castro Valley“, Rhea Mahbubani and Bob Redell, Sept. 14, 2017