Data firm INRIX, has identified the worst traffic in the 25 most congested U.S. cities and spoiler alert, Los Angeles ranks at the top. While Los Angeles had fewer hotspots than New York City, the city of angels has 10 of the 25 worst traffic hotspots. The ranking amongst cities was organized around an “impact factor,” calculated by factoring duration, length and frequency of traffic jams. This allowed INRIX to calculate the approximate cost of congestion to each city. 

According to the study, traffic congestion will cost the LA economy $90.9 billion over the next decade. For reference, number 2 on the list is New York at $63.9 billion, followed by Washington D.C. and Atlanta each around $29 billion over the next decade. Sometimes these hotspots are caused by freeway accidents, but more often than not, the sheer congestion is enough to bring the flow of vehicles to a halt. While this may not come as a surprise to those who commute from the South Bay or Orange County, many Angelenos have a limited scope into the traffic nightmare that LA faces.

How to beat the jam?

What can you do to avoid the hassle of traffic? Many options, such as bike to work or use public transportations can be easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint and remove one more vehicle off the road. Additionally, you may be able to find a neighbor or co-worker with whom to commute. Many people simply choose to commute earlier or later by organizing activities or workout schedule to avoid peak congestion. The traffic problems of Los Angeles are not going away any time soon; better to find a solution now than sit in traffic.