John Leopold Victoria crossed Franklin Avenue on November 18, 2013, a day that would change his life forever. Even though he crossed a marked crosswalk, he was struck by a vehicle and was left incapacitated and unable to work due to the injuries he sustained. The accident left him with permanent brain damage after being put in a coma for months. His attorneys argued the signs warning drivers of the intersection were placed at the “wrong locations.” Additionally, the area had a significant accident history that should have prompted prior action by the city. To compensate the injured Victoria, the city of Los Angeles awarded him 15 million dollars for damages because of the accident. 

Street Safety Upgrades Badly Needed

Given how dangerous some of these intersections are, it is now wonder why city officials and residents alike are pushing for major construction efforts to change the layout of congested areas. Pedestrian scrambles, road diets and lane reductions are all efforts to mitigate the risk of these life-altering accidents. These efforts do not come cheap and often inconvenience drivers as traffic cannot flow as easily. In many areas, residents have sued the city of Los Angeles for reducing the speed of traffic is it greatly increased commute times. These changes to the pedestrian and traffic infrastructure of Los Angeles will continue to have growing pains as vision zero goals draw closer, but safety should always be the number one priority.