Schools have begun across the United States and students everywhere are taking buses to school. LAUSD buses and metro buses offer reliable transportation for students across LA County and just as families readjust to the school year, so must drivers adjust to the return of school buses. Here are some tips to drive safer around buses.

Look For the Signals

When they stop to board children, bus drivers often use the red flashing lights to prevent cars from passing them. However, many commuters fail to follow these signs and injure crossing children. To prevent needless accidents, be sure to stop at the flashing lights. If your commute is affected by school buses, you may need to leave earlier. Passing a school bus with flashing red lights is a ticket-able offense and incredibly dangerous.

Give The Buses Space

Additionally, you may want to give bus driver more space ahead of you when following. Buses make unusual stops and force drivers to remain alert at all times. Giving a little more space is an easy way to make your everyday commute a little safer.

Educate Your Child

If you are dropping off your children at a bus stop, be sure they understand how to board a bus safely. This may seem simple enough, but children can always use a reminder to avoid playing around the curb and always wait for the signal before crossing. When crossing the street, wait for cars to stop. Distracted drivers often fail to yield to pedestrians and cause pedestrian accidents with often serious injuries.