Damon Shear was killed at a crosswalk while walking across Pacific Avenue near Paloma Court around 10 a.m. October 25th. What makes this accident more unfortunate is that this stretch of Pacific was due for additional pedestrian safety infrastructure on the sidewalk. Shear waited for cars in the northbound and southbound lane to stop when he proceeded to cross. While crossing, a northbound driver passed the stopped vehicle and struck Damon. According to Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin, “the intersection has been the scene of serious collisions previously, and in recent years the City of Los Angeles has increased LAPD presence there to target unsafe driving behaviors around this intersection…” 

Pedestrian fatalities occur too often in Los Angeles. As a community, we have to obey traffic laws and understand the limitations of our current infrastructure. Our grid is designed to allow cars to move as fast as possible with other cars. With our current traffic demands exceeding the capacities of our roadways, safer modes of public transit are a necessity of Los Angeles wishes to reach its goal of zero traffic deaths. Having safe streets to cross is the foundation of public transportation; hopefully we will see fewer pedestrian and cyclist fatalities as Los Angeles develops safer roadways.