A tragic crash in Claremont has sent several people to the hospital and has claimed one life, according to the California Highway Patrol. CHP has reported that the fatal car accident killed a 69-year-old man and injured multiple others. The driver responsible for the five-car crash is now in police custody and appears to be facing serious charges. 

Around 3:20 p.m. on the afternoon of Jan. 22, police attempted to apprehend a 28-year-old woman in San Bernadino and were chasing her on foot when she reportedly stole a pickup truck from the parking lot of a convenience store. The truck owner’s 2-year-old child was in the vehicle at the time, but the woman reportedly dropped the child off in a car seat on the sidewalk before fleeing. The truck entered the oncoming lane of the 210 freeway, where it smashed into multiple vehicles at a high rate of speed. 

A 69-year-old man in one of the barely-recognizable wrecks was pronounced dead. Four other people suffered minor injuries, and the driver of the pickup truck suffered serious injuries in the accident. She was rushed to a local hospital and presumably will face criminal charges upon her release. The authorities are awaiting toxicology reports to determine whether drugs or alcohol were contributing factors in the crash. 

The driver in this fatal car accident will surely to face the prospect of criminal charges once she is well enough to leave the hospital. Under California law, the injured parties and the family of the deceased victim retain the right to file personal injury and/or wrongful death lawsuits against her in civil court. These claims are handled separately from criminal charges, but evidence from the criminal proceedings may be offered as proof of negligence in a related civil proceeding. 

Source: abc7.com, “5-vehicle crash on 210 Fwy in Claremont caused by chase suspect going wrong way“, Leanne Suter, Jan. 23, 2018