Tragedy struck near Indio Hills when a car accident claimed the life of a cyclist. Southern California authorities are still looking into the fatal car accident, which killed a 49-year-old man and seriously injured two other individuals. The driver is facing charges for reckless driving. No information on upcoming court dates was provided. 

The police report states that an eastbound vehicle traveling some 100 mph, driven by a 21-year-old man, appeared to go out of control after moving into the westbound lane and striking a sand shoulder. This caused the car to spin back into the eastbound lane, where it struck at least three cyclists before overturning. Police say the driver was operating the vehicle with a suspended license at the time. 

A 49-year-old cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. A 50-year-old woman was rushed to a local hospital with injuries described as serious. A third cyclist was also apparently hospitalized with serious injuries, but no information is available on this individual. The driver faces charges of gross negligence and vehicular manslaughter. He was released after posting bail in the sum of $75,000.

Given the facts of this tragic, fatal car accident, California prosecutors will likely focus on securing convictions against this driver in criminal court. If they are successful, it seems probable the man will face a long prison sentence. Apart from the criminal charges, the family of the deceased as well as the two injured parties have grounds to file wrongful death and/or personal injury lawsuits against the accused man in civil court. Evidence used in the criminal proceedings, including proof of any convictions obtained, may be offered in related civil court proceedings to establish negligence per se, which may result in an award of financial damages to the grieving family as well as the injured victims. 

Source:, “California cyclist killed: Driver allegedly unlicensed, going 100 mph“, Suzanne Hurt, Feb. 13, 2018