Tustin was the site of tragedy on March 23 after a serious rollover crash claimed one life and sent several others to local hospitals. Police and firefighters in Orange County were on the scene of the fatal car accident that killed a teenage boy. So far, no charges have been filed in connection with this California tragedy, but the investigation is still ongoing. 

Very little is understood at this time about the nature of the accident or what caused it. However, it has been confirmed that the crash took place around 2:50 p.m. across from an apartment complex. Only one vehicle was involved in the crash, a luxury vehicle driven by one of the occupants. Police have not determined which of the individuals in the vehicle was driving at the time of the crash. 

A total of three female occupants and four male occupants were in the car when it apparently rolled over for reasons unknown. Three 17-year-old males, two 17-year-old females and a 20-year-old female were all seriously hurt in the crash. The deceased victim was apparently a teenage male whose age was not reported. None of these people have been identified publicly by law enforcement, likely pending notification of next-of-kin. 

Too little information is available at this time to determine whether criminal charges will be filed against the driver, if the driver did not die in the fatal car accident. Even if no charges are filed, the injured parties are entitled to file personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits, as applicable, in California civil court against either the surviving driver, or the driver’s estate in the case of the driver’s death. Such claims are dependent upon evidence of negligence or recklessness linking the driver’s conduct to the accident. 

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “Teen Killed, Others Hurt in Rollover Crash in Tustin“, March 23, 2018